Your Email Address Can Lead to Great Insurance Service

Have you provided your insurance company with your email address? This is important for reasons other than efficiency and convenience. If your insurer doesn’t have your current email address, you may be missing out on helpful products and services, including special discounts. Why? Because a person’s email address is increasingly becoming their preferred, secured identity in transactions such as insurance accounts.

What’s so important about an online identity? It is a unique marker, what’s known as Personally Identifiable Information. All carriers need such information for security reasons; an email is better than more sensitive tags such as your social security number or phone number.     

Increasingly, insurance companies are developing tools to give customers more personalized and specialized products, including auto-policy discounts based on mileage and other driving factors. These offerings require a secured, online identity. There are free, online services for policy-holders with 24/7 access to documents, billing information, electronic policy delivery and the ability to print auto ID cards. Customers can also become eligible for mileage discounts based on industry data and vehicle history. Policy number, VIN, and valid email address can be all that’s needed to set up the account.

Establishing your online identity opens doors for you as a customer, because it allows your insurer to quickly compare your secure data with other sources, and reward you accordingly. There are discounts for home insurance for homeowners without a mortgage, and other amenities. Talk to your independent insurance agent about the discounts and services available for you, and use your email address to set up your identity online. This protects your data and your identity. Information will not be sold, is not shared by companies, will not be used for marketing solicitation and is safe in all 50 states.

Everyone is unique. This is an opportunity for you to take advantage of that. Make communication efficient and treat yourself to some savings as well.