Is Your Insurance Experience What it Should Be?

What makes one shopping experience better than another? Plenty of merchants and service companies have similar products and similar services. So, what makes you choose one? Price is important, selection is important, but don’t you also react, naturally, to how you are treated? In the insurance business, we find this customer experience makes a big difference. Our customers expect, and should expect, an encounter that treats them well. Insurance is an investment; you should get value for what you pay.

This is true of both quoting and claims experiences. In recent surveys by J.D. Power, customer satisfaction with both had increased in the last few years. Increased satisfaction with claims, especially total-loss claims in auto insurance, was driven by how well the insurer managed customer expectations and was able to move the claim along quickly. Increased satisfaction with the purchase experience was often driven by price. Yet even there, other factors come into play.

Valerie Monet, director of the insurance practice at J.D. Power, said, “When looking exclusively at price, consumers may find the grass is not always greener. Many customers are obtaining quotes and gathering information on insurer websites or through aggregators, but the day-to-day interactions they have with their insurer, especially if they have to file a claim, will be the ultimate moment of truth for the customer.”

An independent insurance agent can review options from different insurance companies and find you the best price. Being local, this agent is best able to understand local concerns and advise you accordingly.

What should you expect in a good insurance-shopping experience?

  • Clear, effective communication about policy options
  • Guidance in selecting a policy that suits your needs
  • Explanation of discounts you qualify for
  • An understanding of how your premium is calculated

What should you expect in a good insurance-claims experience?

  • Quick response to an incident
  • Respectful, empathetic attitude by the claims agent
  • Informed referrals to repair shops, contractors and other services
  • Helpful information on rentals, emergency accommodations and other needs

Talk to your local insurance agent to make sure your experience is what it should be!