Drivers, Share the Road with Motorcycles

Summer and early fall are great times to hit the road and motorists aren’t the only ones to think so. Motorcyclists are enjoying those road trips, too. That makes this time of year prime time for safety and courtesy. Here are a few things drivers should be aware of when on the road.

Motorcycles, because of their smaller size, can appear to a motorist to be moving faster or farther away than they actually are. Double check—don’t depend on the car mirrors—as a motorcycle easily can be stuck in your blind spot. Watch out for intersections where roads curve or there are obstructions such as signs or buildings, things that can block a motorcycle from your view.

Leave extra space because bikes may brake or come to a stop at a different rate than does a car. If the pavement is wet or slippery due to rainy weather, motorcycles may require a longer stopping period. Leaving additional space between you lets both motorist and motorcyclist feel more comfortable.

Above all, staying calm increases everyone’s safety on the road. It may sometimes seem motorcycles switch lanes suddenly, but this is usually done with a purpose, such as to be in view of a car, or avoid wind or debris. Think about the jolt of hitting a pothole. Then imagine hitting one on a small motorcycle! Be patient on the roads: it’s good for your safety and your blood pressure.

Everyone makes mistakes driving, no matter how many wheels are involved. If something does happen, it helps to know you have the proper insurance. Whether you’re a driver, biker or both, your independent insurance agent can talk to you about the right kind of coverage.